One of Hunter’s greatest assets as a real estate agent is his neighborhood knowledge. He is constantly on the lookout for the best properties for each individual client, which has led him to a deeply rooted interest in a growing number of neighborhoods within the city of Chicago and beyond to the suburbs.

Hunter knows well that opportunities don’t always present themselves—they have to be created. To continually offer his clients the best new construction opportunities in Chicagoland, Hunter partners with developers from Northfield Group, Bloomfield Development, and Platinum Homes. Each development company has its own distinguished style, and provides a wide range of residential offerings in size, luxury, and price.

Hunter offers his expertise throughout all phases of development and completes the sale. Acting as a scout for developers, Hunter connects companies with off-market build opportunities. He also handles marketing and sales for new builds, with experience overseeing both single-family and multi-unit projects from start to finish. And as a real estate agent, Hunter connects buyers who are most interested in building or buying their new-construction dream home with the best developer for their needs.

Hunter welcomes all opportunities to work with development groups. To contact Hunter regarding development opportunities, please click here.